Recently while learning about the social reformers of India in 19th century, I came across Raja Rammohan Roy. I had read about him when I was in school but that too not in much detail and after that also I never got any chance to read about him again.

For all of you who doesn’t remember him or just have an idea vividly, He was a social, religious and educational reformer of 19th century also known as The Father of Modern India.

He was the person behind the ban on Sati Pratha!!

Though it is just a mere one of the thousand of revolutions that he has brought.

After reading about him I started wondering that we used to live in a society where Sati Pratha used to be a ritual and blindly followed by every Hindu women, where she was cruelly burnt with the body of her deceased husband.
Raja Ram Mohan Roy stood against this horrible practice and to my amazement his whole family disowned him. His mother said he has gone mad. If you are confused about her reaction, these were the times when Hindus used to believe that one who crosses the sea looses his caste and culture.
So imagine how hard it would have been for him to stand against his own family and yet he worked for what he believed to be the social good.

My Learning

Whenever in Life you do something that is not according to the “norms” set by the society at that time, you will be interrogated continuously and will not be accepted in the society.
But if in your heart you know that what you are doing is good for you and right for the people around you, you should follow your heart.
Had Raja Rammohan Roy given up his struggle against sati pratha, there is a tiny chance that we might still have that in our culture. During his time it might have been difficult to accept it for that society and thus he had to face much resistance also. But that is how it works.

We now after almost 180 years still remember him because he was courageous enough to cause that change and to be that change despite all hardships.

There are norms and standards that are set by our society. If we do anything that doesn’t fit those norms we will be questioned and looked down upon. But what I have learnt from this is that People will judge you no matter who you are and what you do. They will try everything in their power to make you feel less. They didn’t even spare Raja Ram Mohan Roy then who the hell are we to expect otherwise!

So according to me, one should follow their dreams and work hard for themselves and people around them. Everyone has their own circumstances. Don’t rush but push yourself.
Trust me If you want to you can and will bring that change.

You never know your present actions may change some of the societal norms for the better tomorrow.

Your dreams might bring a small change in the world but then again the world is not so small. So, work hard and if you become successful you will become a STORY and if you fail at worst you will end up LEARNING.

Written by Akriti Agarwal