Public Administration Youtube Video Lessons from IGNOU

There are many public administration video lessons by IGNOU professors and are available free on youtube.

Click on each topics below to view the lessons –

Ecological Approach to Public Administration
Public Choice Theory
Public Policy
Civil Society
Governance in India
Development Concepts and Theories
Systems and Behavioural Approach Views of Chester Barnard & Herbert Simon
Citizen and Administration
Introduction to Public Policy Part 1
Introduction to Public Policy Part 2
Public Economics
Administrative Responsiveness
Civil Society
Public Policy Making Major Determinants Part-1
Role Of Planning Commission
Socio Psychological Approach
Understanding Policy Implementation
Indian Budget System – Part 1
Indian Budgeting System-Part 2
Training Of Higher Civil Servants
Psychological Approach Views Of Abraham Maslo and Federick
Mitigating Disasters
Democracy in Search of Equality
Role Of Voluntary Organisation

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