Introduction to my notes for Attitude is Everything

I just completed reading ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING: CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE… CHANGE YOUR LIFE..!! Jeff Keller has brilliantly organized his thoughts and put them together as a great guide for changing one’s attitude from negative to positive through the book. The book is a well written and an easy to understand guide for bringing some positivity in one’s life.

The book consists of 3 parts and 12 lessons. As the title suggests, It will give you various techniques that would help you to be successful in life by upgrading your attitude. Each technique and point would help you grow into a better person in one way or other. Like most of the amazing self help books out there, you can easily relate to the problems mentioned and can effectively use the techniques and apply them in reality to your own life. What I liked the most about this book is that it doesn’t demand alot of work. By that I mean, firstly it’s easy to read. The language is simple and effective. Also, the techniques mentioned are easy to apply and quite promising in terms of outcomes.

“You have control over the pictures that occupy your mind.”
-Jeff Keller

Jeff Keller has graduated from a law school. He pursued his career in law and then left the job for his dream, to be a motivational speaker. This book covers a lot about how this particular desicion of leaving the job has changed his life. This incident is mentioned in the very starting of the book. All Chapters ahead contains the essence of this incident and also encourage you to take some daring yet brilliant decisions in life, giving some beautiful and relatable examples.

All in all, the book is great package for you if you are feeling low or are suffering from job dissatisfaction or any kind of depression in general. I will soon be publishing my notes and takeaways from the book without giving any spoilers.

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